Taylor Harvey is charismatic... Harvey’s wild eyed, silent expressiveness serves to amplify the character’s sense of compassion and adventure. She has an earnest sense of compassion and aggression in the role that keeps her performance authentic.
— Shepherd Express (on "The Heart of Robin Hood")

this Marion is apt to remind you of Shakespeare’s greatest heroine...the cross-dressing Rosalind from “As You Like It.” It’s a role I’d love to see the captivating Harvey undertake.
— Journal Sentinel (On "The Heart of Robin Hood")

Taylor Harvey plays the mysterious young woman, flower seller, and waitress who seems to both orchestrate and complicate the events and her cat-like movements across the stage are as mesmerizing as her brief piano-playing.
— Theater Pizzazz (on "First Love")
Harvey embodies Claudia with cool glamour and sweetness in “Unusual Way”
— KC Metropolis (On "Nine")

Taylor Harvey does an excellent job of portraying Annabelle Doll, the green-haired permanently 8-year-old daughter
— Encore Michigan (On "The Doll People")

The “Three Little Maids” is sung in perfect Andrews Sisters harmony
— Encore Michigan (On "Hot Mikado")